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To strengthen the Company’s internal control and improve the Company’s level of governance, the Company has developed a series of internal control system, including Administrative Provisions on Information Disclosure, Regulations on Related Party Transactions, Management System of Internal Audit, and Risk Management Framework (Trial) and so on.


Administrative Provisions on Information Disclosure


To further regulate and strengthen the Company’s information disclosure, consummate the management system of information disclosure, correctly fulfill the Company’s obligations of information disclosure in the place abroad where the Company’s stocks are listed, safeguard the investors’ lawful rights and interests, and ensure that the Company’s information disclosure is authentic, accurate, complete, punctual, and fair, the Company has worked out the Administrative Provisions on Information Disclosure.


The Company’s information disclosure is under the unitive leadership of the Board of Directors. The Secretary of the Board shall be responsible for the daily management over information disclosure, organize and coordinate, give directions to and manage the Company’s information disclose, examine and verify relevant documents, and conduct supervisions over the operation of information disclosure procedures as required by applicable laws, regulations, and requirements. The Department of Investor Relation and Capital Operations is the Company’s competent authority over issues of information disclosure and the daily operating mechanism of the Company’s information disclosure, which will conduct daily organization, management, and coordination of the Company’s information disclosure under the leadership of the Secretary of the Board, and conduct data collection and systemization of regular reports and irregular reports disclosed as announcements, coordinate the drafting of reports, announcements or manuscripts to be reported for registration, which will be issued when the Board of Directors has passed a resolution on such reports, announcements or manuscripts, the board chairman has ratified such reports, announcements or manuscripts, or the Secretary of the Board has signed such reports, announcements or manuscripts, based on applicable laws, regulations, and requirements,


Regulations on Related Party Transactions
To regulate the Company’s governance structure, control management risks, guarantee the fairness of the Company’s related party transactions, safeguard the lawful rights and interests of the Company and all shareholders of the Company, the Company has worked out the Regulations on Related Party Transactions. Related party transactions shall be conducted by abiding by such principles as fairness, impartiality and openness. The Company will disclose related party transactions that should be disclosed in time, accurately, and sufficiently in accordance with provisions relevant to the listing rules of the Stock Exchange of Hong Kong Limited and other regulatory provisions while strictly fulfilling procedures that should be fulfilled for related party transactions.


Management System of Internal Audit
To regulate and strengthen the Company’s internal audit, the Company has worked out the Management System of Internal Audit based on the Audit Law of the People's Republic of China, Interim Measures for Internal Audit Management of Central Enterprises, Internal Auditing Standards, Primitive Provisions of China Guodian Corporation on Audit, and the Articles of Association of China Longyuan Power Group Corporation Limited so as to effectively go through and assess the appropriateness, lawfulness, and effectiveness of the subordinate units’ management activities and their internal control, help enterprises to strengthen their internal control, facilitate the realization of respective enterprises’ operating and development objectives, and guarantee the value maintenance and appreciation of state-owned capital and the sustainable development of enterprises.


Risk Management Framework (Trial)
To regulate the Company’s risk management, make the Company more competitive in the market, improve returns on investment, accelerate the sustainable, healthy, and steady development of the enterprise, the Company has worked out the Risk Management Framework (Trial). The Company shall cultivate a favorable culture of risk management, set up and perfect a system of complete risk management by focusing on its overall operating objectives and executing the basic flow of risk management throughout the Company’s management and in the process of operations.


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