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Studies on the Development of Renewable Energies
The Development Center of Studies on Renewable Energies of Longyuan Company is particularly responsible for following up with the development of renewable energies at home and abroad, analyzing and evaluating the feasibility of new renewable energy technologies, conducting studies on relevant technical issues in the process of development, construction, and operations of renewable energy projects, organizing brainstorm projects for major projects of science and technology, launching demonstrative projects, exploring possible patterns for scale development of renewable energies, and accumulating relevant experiences.


Platform for Public Services in the Sector of Wind Power
As a pacesetter in the sector of wind power, Longyuan Company also actively takes part in the construction of public service systems in the industry that are beneficial to the rapid development of the renewable energy power generation sector in China as a whole while the Company’s wind power generation industry develops rapidly. At present, both the Technical Committee of Wind Power Generation Standardization in the Electric Power Sector (abbreviated as TCWPGSEPS) and the Committee of Renewable Energy Power Generation of Chinese Society for Electrical Engineering (originally named as Committee of Wind Power and Tidal Power Generation and abbreviated as the Committee of Renewable Energy Power Generation hereinafter) are affiliated to Longyuan Company. Longyuan Company has provided strong supports for the work of TCWPGSEPS and the Committee of Renewable Energy Power Generation while having played an irreplaceable role in the specific work for the construction of public service systems in the renewable energy power generation sector.


Wind Power Pre-phase Development Technical Services
To adapt to the requirements for the rapid development of Longyuan Company’s wind power projects and guarantee that professional technical supports can be obtained in time in the process of decision-making for the pre-phase development of wind power projects, Longyuan Company has set up a center of wind power pre-phase development technical services in the subordinate Zhong Neng Power-Tech Development Co., Ltd. The center will undertake such tasks as conducting various technical surveys, the collection of information on projects, and preparing technical analytical reports as needed during the process of decision-making for the pre-phase development of Longyuan Company’s wind power projects.


Management over Wind Power Projects and Equipment Procurement
To effectively control over the safety, quality, progress, and investments of Longyuan Company’s wind power construction projects and guarantee the smooth realization of objectives to meet the standards and put into production, Longyuan Company has set up a center of management over wind power projects and equipment procurement that will be responsible for work relevant to bidding invitation and procurement.


Wind Power Engineering Consultation and Design
Longyuan Company has two subordinate wind power consultation companies, namely, China Fulin Wind Power Engineering Co., Ltd. and Xinjiang Wind Power Engineering and Consultation Limited Liability Company. Those two design companies are professional companies engaged in the commercialized development of wind power and other new energies and wind power engineering consultation and design at the very beginning in China, and their scope of business covers wind energy resource assessment, wind farm planning, location selection for wind farms and machine sets, preliminary design, design of construction documentation, preparation of standards and specifications, major technical studies, etc.


Wind Farm Operation Monitoring
Longyuan Company has developed the wind farm collective operation monitoring system software, set up a wind farm operation monitoring center, and realized the real-time monitoring over all wind power machine sets put into operation of the Company, thus having reinforced process control while giving prominence to the mechanism of rapid response to major accidents.


Wind Farm Inspection and Repairs as well as Technical Services
Beijing Zhong Neng Lianchuang Wind Power Technology Co., Ltd. subordinate to Longyuan Company is responsible for wind farm inspection and repairs as well as technical services of the Company. Efforts have been made to improve the level of equipment maintenance, eliminate latent troubles for equipment in time, and realize the healthy and efficient operations of equipment by various means of collective inspection and repairs, technical services, and technical supervisions.


Wind Farm Spare Part and Component Management Services
Longyuan Company has a center of professional technical services for wind turbine spare parts and components, which will provide services related to spare parts and components to Longyuan Company and the wind power sector as a whole.


CDM Development Services
Longyuan Carbon Asset Management Technology Co., Ltd. subordinate to Longyuan Group will responsible for work relevant to clean development mechanism (CDM) and obtaining revenues from carbon discharge reduction through the CDM for wind power projects of Longyuan Group. Contents of its work include: preparing research reports as required by CDM, checking and approving projects, and getting access to the grid; completing the registration of wind power CDM projects in the United Nations; signing carbon discharge purchase agreements with foreign parties to sell volumes of discharge reduction; guiding project companies to monitor and measure the volume of in-grid electricity; and so on.


Wind Power Vocational Technical Trainings
Supported with the Sino-German Wind Power Training and Research Project on which the Chinese government and the German government cooperate with each other, Longyuan Group set up Suzhou Bailu Wind Power Vocational Technical Training Center by introducing advanced training concepts from wind power vocational training centers in Germany in August 2006. The Training Center provided with teaching and experiment facilities, safety training facilities, multimedia classrooms, and an electronic library, etc. mainly conducts professional trainings for personnel responsible for the operations, inspection and repairs of wind farms, trainings for senior and mid-level technicians and management personnel, and other trainings on management relevant to the wind power sector, cultivates talents and provides them to Longyuan Company and the wind power sector as a whole.


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