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Longyuan Power Signed a Strategic Cooperation Agreement with Envision Group


On July 21, Longyuan Power signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Envision Group in Beijing. Jia Yanbing, Party Secretary and Chairman of Longyuan Power, and Zhang Lei, CEO of Envision, attended the signing ceremony and delivered speeches. Sun Jinbiao, General Manager of Longyuan Power, and Tian Qingjun, Senior Vice President of Envision, signed the strategic cooperation agreement on behalf of both parties respectively. Executives from both companies were present therein.

According to the strategic agreement, both parties will, in accordance with the cooperation principle of "strategic collaboration, complementary advantages, mutual benefit and common development", carry out in-depth cooperation in the smart energy, energy storage, hydrogen production, electric power market transaction and the comprehensive energy development and utilization; both parties will, taking advantage of the professional management of Longyuan Power and technical innovation advantage of Envision, explore all possible scenarios for future energy transformation by establishing a joint venture, innovate business model and technology model, and build the joint venture into a mixed-ownership benchmarking enterprise.

Jia Yanbing said that Longyuan Power and Envision have maintained a long-term friendly partnership. The cooperation between the two sides in the Laian Wind Power project in Anhui Province has opened a new page in the development of low-wind wind power in China. The cooperation in Devlin, Canada, has resulted in China's first overseas commercial wind power project, and created a model project of wind power "going global" as well. Through long-term and stable friendly cooperation, the two sides have established a solid relationship of mutual trust and profound friendship. While building the world first-class new energy company, Longyuan Power needs to introduce strategic partners with high sense of identity, high compatibility, and high cooperativity. The cooperation with Envision, featuring a solid cooperation basis, huge potential and broad prospects, is highly regarded by China Energy, and it represents one of the key initiatives of Longyuan Power to carry out the group's overall strategy.

Zhang Lei said that in the previous cooperation between Longyuan Power and Envision have witnessed many times of strategic collaboration. The corporate concepts of both sides are pragmatic and plain, pursuing the progress of the industry through technological innovation. With new energy entering the era of parity, the two sides once again highly agree on the trend of high-quality development, intelligent, clean and low-carbon energy transformation in the future. Looking forward to the start of this new strategy, the joint venture company is capable of and confident in achieving break-through and innovation, fulfilling its responsibilities, opening up a blue ocean, and ushering in a beautiful era of China's energy transformation and renewable energy.

The relevant persons in charge from Envision and the heads of the relevant departments of Longyuan Power attended the signing ceremony.


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