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China Longyuan Power Group Corporation Limited Convened the Mid-year Working and Economic Activity Analysis Conference in 2020


On July 29, China Longyuan Power Group Corporation Limited (China Longyuan) convened the mid-year working and economic activity analysis conference in 2020, thoroughly studied and implemented the Thought on Socialism with Chinese Characteristics for a New Era made by President Xi Jinping, conscientiously implemented the decisions and arrangements made by the Group Company on the mid-year working conference, summarized the work conducted at the first half of the year, analyzed the production and operations, studied and judged the development trend, and deployed the tasks for the second half of the year. Jia Yanbing, Chairman of the Board and Secretary of the Party Committee attended the conference and made a speech; Sun Jinbiao, General Manager and Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee presided over the conference, and the Company's leaders like Tang Jian, Jia Nansong, Zhang Binquan, Chang Shihong, Jin Ji and Hu Yanbo attended the conference.

Jia Yanbing pointed out that, under the powerful leadership of the Group's leading party group, the Company thoroughly implemented the overall strategy of "One Target, Three Styles and Five Characteristics, Seven First-classes" in the first half of the year, took the "One Prevention and Three Guarantees" as the main line, promoted the epidemic prevention and control as well as the production and operations in a coordinated way, made the main operation indicators to a new high, and realized the goal of "more than half the time and more than half the tasks". The Company had stable safe production on the whole, and had achieved remarkable achievements in its development, gained steady improvements in its operational efficiency, deepened the reform and innovation in an all-round manner, and had improved its quality of party building continuously. With the overall interests in mind, all the cadres and workers have taken on their respective responsibilities and withstood the test of the fight against COVID-19 together, and put the great call of "Socialism is a matter of action" into practice with concrete actions.

Gu Yanbing stressed that in the second half of the year, the Company will unify the thoughts and actions to the decisions and deployments made by the Group's leading party group and the party committee, adhere to the basic idea of "centering on one target, highlighting two orientations, consolidating two foundations, accelerating two-characteristic construction, making two markets stronger and cultivating two teams", and strive to complete all targets and tasks for the whole year according to the working requirements of "unchanged target, unreduced tasks and unlowered standard", so as to lay a solid foundation for building a world-class new energy company with global competitiveness. The Company system shall stick to the guiding principle of ruling the party with strict discipline, strengthen the party building continuously and further improve the quality and effectiveness of party building; shall strengthen the implementation of responsibility, speed up the system construction, and improve the level of essential safety constantly; shall proceed with confidence for development, boost the driving force for development and improve the quality and efficiency of development constantly; shall deepen the efforts to improve quality and efficiency, increase revenue and reduce expenditure, and strive to meet our annual targets; shall deepen the reform and innovation, improve management and speed up the pace to build a world-class new energy company.

Sun Jinbiao proposed three requirements for the implementation of the conference spirit. The first is to focus on the implementation of safety and risk prevention. The Company shall implement the overall requirement of "Five In-places" for safety management conscientiously under the premise of normal epidemic prevention and control, and implement "Five Musts and Two Strictnesses", "Five Requirements" and "Five Injunctions" to ensure a sustained and stable situation of work safety. The second is to concentrate on the implementation of high-quality development. The Company shall integrate the "near-, medium- and long-term" goals, link them up organically, promote them as a whole, speed up the implementation of project construction conditions, optimize the construction organization management, so as to ensure the completion of production and construction targets. The third is to center on the implementation of annual targets and tasks. All departments and units shall, based on the working ideas and requirements proposed on this conference, compare with the annual business goals and key working tasks, plan the next step carefully, find out disparity, tackle the weak links and concentrate on implementation to ensure the completion of the targets and tasks completely.

On the conference, the Marketing Department made an analysis report of economic activities for the first half of the year, and the Production and Operation Department and Financial Management Department made a special report; Mengxi Company, Heilongjiang Company, Xinjiang Company and Jiangsu Offshore Company made exchange speeches.

The Company's chief engineer and general manager assistant, deputy directors of the departments and above personnel, members of the leading body of the units in Beijing, medium-level and above management personnel attended the conference at the main venue. Members of the leading body of each subordinate unit, middle-level and above management personnel attended the meeting in the manner of video.


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