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Longyuan Power Carries Out “Safety Production Month” Activities


Recently, Longyuan Power has organized and carried out special activities on accident warning education and “checking and remediation in progress” themed with “eliminating hidden accidental dangers and building a safe defense line” by strengthening leadership, making elaborate planning, and conducting in-depth mobilization; also, it has actively put forth on-site emergency drills and various safety training contests and thus has fulfilled all tasks successfully.

Early in June, Longyuan Power issued its “Notice on Strengthening Safety Management of Production and Infrastructure Construction” and initiated the “checking and remediation in progress” thematic campaign. All subordinate units have responded actively and insisted on conducting prevention beforehand according to the seasonal characteristics and their respective actual situations. By comprehensively carrying out classified risk control, it has strengthened the check for and treatment of hidden dangers and boosted accident prevention to be scientific, information-based, and standardized. While focusing on the implementation of the safety risk pre-control management, it has been trying to control the risks and prevent possible hidden dangers, eliminate any hidden danger indicating an accident, and prevent and resolve safety risks of any kind from the very beginning. While consolidating the achievements made in “Centralized rectification of safety production” activities, they have taken the initiative to respond to the complex and changeable safety and environmental protection situations, earnestly fulfill their responsibilities as parties concerned with safety and eliminate the hidden dangers indicating any accident as required in the scheme for “Risk control year” activities. Jiangyin Thermal Power Co., Ltd. subordinate to Longyuan Power has carried out its flood-season safety inspection and Liaoning Company has checked its inventory of flood-prevention materials.

In the meantime, Longyuan Power continues carrying out its accident warning education activities. Various grassroots units have successively organized the staff to watch such thematic videoes on the promotion of the safety production month in 2020 as “Lifeline”, “Journey” and “Power of Persistence”, thus widely spreading safety-related knowledge and boosting the staff to get the safety development concept well established in the mind. Through organizing the staff to watch those micro-films themed with promoting the safety warning education, such as “If…”, “Happiness is in Your Hands” and “Violative Operations and Serious Results”, the staff has been guided to learn lessons from the accidents, draw lessons about other cases from one instance, and improve the staff ’s safety awareness.

Longyuan Power combines its special emergency-response drills for wind power enterprises with the requirements related to the “safety production month” in 2020. While conducting special emergency-response drills, both the emergency-response plan and the drill plan are revised according to the actual situation on the sites so as to achieve the best effect of such drills. The Shanxi company subordinate to Longyuan Power organized fire emergency evacuation drills; the Guizhou company organized electric shock accident emergency drills; the Hubei company carried out limited space accident emergency drills; the Jilin company carried out firing engine room emergency drills and flood prevention emergency drills; the Mengxi company carried out emergency drill activities in response to flood control,  flood prevention, and mass diseases of an unknown origin.

In addition, Longyuan Power organizes various units to participate in all kinds of safety training and contests and continuously enhances its initiative and enthusiasm for safety-related work. All its subordinate units actively participate in the National Security Knowledge Network Competition sponsored by the Ministry of Emergency Management of the People’s Republic of China and the online Competition of Knowledge Related to the Safety Production Sector sponsored by the National Energy Administration, the cloud classroom of “Let’s Talk about Production Safety”, the bonus quiz on safety knowledge, 360 Panoramic Demonstration of Safety Experience Venue and other series of activities. Longyuan Power’s branches in Xinjiang and Shandong organize cardiopulmonary resuscitation and other first-aid training programs to popularize healthcare knowledge and first-aid knowledge; its subordinate Tiandian Company organizes special lectures on industrial injury preventions; its subordinate companies in Jiangyin, Gansu and other companies hold competitions related to the knowledge about safety production so as to make every effort to improve the staff’s safety awareness and their ability for emergency protection.

On June 16, the National Safety Production Publicity and Consultation Day, various units subordinate to Longyuang Power went to the neighboring villages to publicize safety-related knowledge and answer questions by distributing publicity materials and providing consulting services; and they focused on making known and giving interpretations to safety-related knowledge concerning the safe use of electricity in households, electric shock first aid, falling objects, etc. Longyuan Power’s subordinate Hubei Company, Mengxi Company, and Tiandian Company participated in the activities organized by the local governments on the consultation day; Shanxi Company organized the activities themed with “Family Members on the Scene and Family Tie Highlighting Safety”; Mengdong Company organized pupils at the surrounding primary schools to visit the site and explain the knowledge about using electricity. Through sponsoring such activities, people’s safety awareness and their emergency danger-avoiding awareness were both strengthened.


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