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Longyuan Power Concluding Strategic Cooperation Framework Agreement with Goldwind


On May 19, Longyuan Power signed a strategic cooperation framework agreement with Xinjiang Goldwind Science & Technology Co., Ltd. (hereafter referred to as Goldwind) in Beijing. Jia Yanbing, Chairman of Longyuan Power, and Wu Gang, Chairman of Goldwind attended the signing ceremony and delivered speeches. Sun Jinbiao, General Manager of Longyuan Power, and Cao Zhigang, President of Goldwind, represented their companies respectively to sign the agreement, accompanied by executives from both parties.

The agreement was reached in the principle of gradual implementation and achievement of the goal through cooperation from point to surface. It indicates that both parties should be committed to shaping up new long-endurance cooperation in strategic collaboration, strength complement, and mutual benefit. In this way, the mutual complement could be accomplished in systematic and technical innovation, financial integration, and cost control in an effort to broaden domestic and international market share. Moreover, upstream and downstream resources in the industrial chain could be pooled together through the improvement of the quality and use of stock assets, intensive cooperation in equipment procurement, and the development of smart wind power plant so as to accomplish mutual high-quality growth.

Jia Yanbing of Longyuan Power showed that previous years had witnessed long-term friendly cooperation in equipment procurement, project development, technical transformation, production, operation and maintenance, and their fruitful achievements. In the path to the target of world-class new energy provider, Longyuan Power needed to introduce strategic partners with a high sense of identity, high matching rate and strong strength in synergy. That’s why Goldwind and Longyuan Power have stepped together and enjoyed a solid cooperation foundation and promising potential, a big step for Longyuan Power to put its overall strategy into practice and obtained applause by China Energy Investment Corporation. It is hoped that with both corporations pour their firm determination, pragmatic attitude, and persistent efforts into the cooperation in every aspect of new energy, dedicating more to global new energy growth.

Wu Gang, on the part of Goldwind, held that the all-around cooperation between both parties as enduring and devoted leading suppliers of wind power in China, would agree on current growth momentum of the energy industry, and benefit enterprises the reform of mixed ownership in ways that conform to the mutual interests of both parties for sustainable development. Goldwind and Longyuan Power will hold hands together to embark on a rapid quality-oriented growth. They promise to push forward the innovation in technology, management, and business model in an effort to chart a new course for mutual beneficial results, contributing to the high-quality development of national and worldwide wind power industry.

Principle heads from both parties were present in the ceremony, including leaders of Wind Power Business Group of Goldwind, R & D SBU, Beijing Tianrun New Energy Investment Co., Ltd. which is one of the wholly-owned subsidiaries to Goldwind, and directors of major departments of Longyuan Power.


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