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A Good Start Achieved by Longyuan Power in the First Quarter of This Year


In the first quarter of this year, Longyuan Power deeply implemented the Group Company’s “One Prevention, Three Guarantees” work deployment, closely centered around the power generation task objectives in the first quarter and adhered to the “tight prevention and control of the epidemic and no slack in safe production” in order to ensure safe, steady and orderly production. As of March 31, the company had generated 13.693 billion kWh electric energy, 11.662 billion kWh of which was from wind power generation, exceeding the planned amount of power generation, hitting a record high and achieving a “good start” in the first quarter.

Strengthen Overall Consideration and Do Well in Work and Production Resumption. In order to ensure orderly advancement of work and production resumption, the company, depending on the situation of the development of the epidemic, timely made epidemic prevention and control measures, and prepared and issued Longyuan Power’s Guidebook on Epidemic Prevention and Control for Work and Reproduction Resumption; tracks the conditions of the impact of the epidemic on the safe production at the site on a daily basis, actively solves various problems in the production life of employees through coordination, reduces the losses due to long-term shutdown of power generator units as far as possible and ensures safe, steady and orderly production; pays close attention to the implementation of epidemic prevention and control measures by each unit and urges them to do well in emergency management, to further implement production conditions and measures for technical transformation and overhaul and to ensure orderly work resumption; pays constant attention to the effect of the epidemic on the production site, actively coordinates the return of long-term shutdown and power-limited units to normal operation as soon as possible, and urges the bidding and procurement of production projects such as overhaul, technical transformation, climbing-free creeper, etc. to ensure smooth progress of various types of works.

Strengthen Risk Control and Steadily Advance Safe Production. The company solidly promotes the implementation of the safety and environmental protection “No. 1 File”, focuses on the implementation of a task decomposition table and the arrangement of key works such as equipment management, information construction, etc. by means of the “risk management and control year”, prepares a risk identification manual for typical operations, makes constant followup, publishes work progress on a monthly basis and ensures orderly advancement of various works; enhances the check of the power generating equipment, booster station, grease warehouse, spare parts warehouse in major areas such as yards and stations, etc., finds out unsafe factors and production disadvantages in an all-round manner, carefully performs routine patrol and the patrol inspection in special weather conditions, and ensures “early finding, early governance and early elimination” of hidden dangers to contain such dangers “in the bud”; carries out the identification of hazards and “initial assessment” of risks, focuses on the supervision of the implementation of “ten musts and two strictnesses” for outsourcing safety management, effectively eliminates the weak points in outsourcing management, strengthens safety basis management and “three measures and two plans”, strengthens outsourcing operations and staff management and further consolidate the basis of safe production.

Strengthen the Implementation of Responsibilities and Promote Special Treatment of Equipment. The company prepared and issued a regular inspection plan for wind turbines, a line patrol and defect elimination plan, and a power-off overhaul plan for power transmission and transformation equipment; tracks the completion progress and quality of the overhaul plan on a monthly basis, publishes such progress and quality on a monthly video meeting, further enhances the strict execution of the overhaul plan, and promotes the treatment of equipment in an all-round manner; strictly regulates the defect elimination discipline, makes a detailed equipment patrol inspection table based on the conditions of equipment, raises the level of on-site monitoring of important defects, registers and reports discovered defects, finds out the causes, removes defects in time, and goes all out to ensure reliable operation of equipment; studies and discusses the problems existing in wind turbines as well as the solutions thereto, and eliminates a batch of concentrated defects that affect the health and efficiency of power generator units to ensure normal operation of such units.

Strengthen Market Research and Prediction and Actively Strive for Power Trading. The company continues to strengthen the research and prediction of the power limit situation in all provinces and regions, and makes strategies in advance to reduce the adverse effects caused by sudden changes in the situation; timely reports the measurement and calculation of power monthly dispatched in combination of the existing wind power forecasting system, coordinates the monthly power plan to provide a theoretical basis for power generation, strengthens the application of the wind farm load for adverse local installation layout and grid structures, and strives for a load higher than the load at the average level within a permissible range; timely pays attention to the information on the work and production resumption in the industry, grasps the opportunity of market transactions with increasing power load, and completes the annual market transaction target by ensuring the amount of power generated and the power price; for the provinces with more power transacted externally, understands the signing of external transaction contracts and intent agreement of other companies in the regions, and strives for market transactions with high quality and price.

Strength Training Effect and Reinforce Team Construction The company improves the skills of the employees working in the wind farm in staged and hierarchical manners and strengthens technical training by using network platforms such as XYLink, etc., starting on-line safety skill training and adopting exam methods such as innovative network answers; provides solutions to frequent failures through systematic training, improves the ability of operation and inspection personnel to deal with failures, and makes efforts to create a learning, smart team of employees; constantly improves the safety knowledge of employees via the company’s network class, regularly organizes training and exams, promotes learning through exams, and creates good atmosphere for technology learning and competition so as to promote the improvement of the safety technology level of on-site employees; constantly tracks handshake protocol training, hand-in-hand teaching, operation and inspection skill competition, workmanship training, sample examination and other activities in order to stimulate the self-learning of employees, to create knowledge transfer atmosphere among them and to provide talents for the company’s high-quality development.


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