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Daily Wind Power Generating Capacity of Longyuan Power Reached a Record High


On March 25, the daily wind power generation capacity of Longyuan Power reached 201 million kWh, a record high.

This year, Longyuan Power has earnestly implemented the requirements of "One Prevention, Three Guarantees" of CHN ENERGY, focused on epidemic prevention and control on one hand, and production safety on the other hand, actively carried out the equipment management, strengthened operation analysis, and made every effort to boost power generation.

Build a solid foundation for safe production. The company strictly implements the requirements of "No.1 Document" of CHN ENERGY, refines and decomposes the work tasks, solidly promotes the activities of "safety and environmental protection risk control year", strictly enforces the implementation of "two tickets and three systems" and other safety-related rules and regulations, implements risk analysis and pre-control measures, and fully guarantees the safety of personal and equipment; it enforces the safety management of the resumption of work, strictly controls the "access" of the outsourcing construction units, pays attention to the safety education and training for personnel of all on-site construction units, and effectively improves the production capacity of intrinsic safety.

Implement the refined management. The company promotes refined maintenance management, and focuses on the implementation of Work Manual for Standardization of Work Safety in Wind Farm, Operation Standard for Replacement and Maintenance of Major Components and Three-Level Maintenance Standard for six types of unit models, thus realizing the standardization of maintenance operation. It continuously deepens operation analysis, re-prepare three-level production reports and operation logs of the headquarters, provincial companies and wind farms, standardizes and strengthens the daily operation management, timely finds and solves problems affecting power generation, and ensures that all power generation indicators are controlled within the optimal range. It carries out the daily follow-up on the situation of site production safety affected by the current epidemic situation, pays close attention to the bidding and procurement of production projects such as wind turbine overhaul, technical transformation, and climbing-free creeper, actively coordinate the recovery of long-term shutdown and power-limited units, and reduces the power loss caused by the impact of the epidemic.

Consolidate the effectiveness of equipment management. The company implements the three-year work plan of equipment management, strengthens the post evaluation and analysis of equipment overhaul and technical transformation, consolidates the management achievements, and improves the power generation performance of equipment; it tracks and supervises the implementation progress of key equipment management projects of the company in a timely manner, and implements weekly tracking and summary for 46 key equipment management projects of 9 categories; it strictly implements the three-level maintenance standard of equipment, carries out high-quality patrol and regular inspection, actively promotes special treatment of equipment, makes overall arrangement for annual maintenance and defect elimination work, and effectively prevents the risk of electric power loss incurred by damage of main equipment.


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