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Longyuan Power Held the Fourth Session of the Third Workers’ Congress and 2020 Work Conference


From January 13th to 14th, Longyuan Power’s Fourth Session of Third Workers’ Congress and 2020 Work Conference was held in Beijing. The conference adhered to the guidance of Xi Jinping’s Thought on Socialism with Chinese Characteristics for a New Era, thoroughly studied and implemented the spirit of the 19th CPC National Congress and the 19th Plenary Session, seriously implemented the decisions and deployment of the annual working conference of CHN ENERGY, summarized the work in 2019, analyzed the situation facing, clarified goals and tasks in 2020, planned and deployed work throughout the year. Secretary of the Party Committee and Chairman of Longyuan Power Jia Yanbing attended the conference and delivered a speech. The company’s General Manager and Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee Sun Jinbiao made a work report. Company leaders Jia Nansong, Zhang Binquan, Chang Shihong, Jin Ji, Hu Yanbo, and Zhao Lijun attended the conference.

Jia Yanbing pointed out that in 2019, under the firm leadership of CHN ENERGY Party group, the company thoroughly implemented the new energy security strategy of “four revolutions and one cooperation”, adhered to and strengthened the leadership of the Party, and comprehensively promoted the implementation of the overall strategy of “one goal, three types and five transformations, and seven first-class” in the company’s system. Building a world-class new energy company with global competitiveness has achieved a great start. The company solidly carried out the thematic education of “remain true to our original aspiration and keep our mission firmly in mind”. The Party’s leadership has been strengthened in an all-round manner; conscientiously implemented the requirements raised by Chairman Wang Xiangxi to enhance the “awareness of opportunity, development, unexpected development and reform”, and took solid steps in high-quality development; continued to improve the level of refined management, and the operating performance has steadily increased; deepened institutional and mechanism reform, and significantly increased the vitality of enterprise development.

Jia Yanbing stated that the present situation has undergone major changes. The power market reform process is accelerating. The company has entered a critical period of high-quality development, and a difficult period of strategic and structural adjustment. We should not only soberly recognize the challenges and pressures the company facing, but also fully know the opportunities and advantages of the company’s development. To do a good job in the company’s current and future period, it is necessary to take the new energy security strategy of “four revolutions and one cooperation” as a guide, thoroughly implement the group company’s overall strategy of “one goal, three types and five transformations, and seven first-class”, adhere to the basic idea of “focus on one goal, highlight two orientations, consolidate two foundations, accelerate the construction of informatization and industrialization, strengthen two markets, and develop two teams”.

Jia yanbing stressed to focus on five areas of work in 2020: I. Strengthen strategic coordination and planning leadership to drive high-quality sustainable development. II. Keep compacting the main responsibility for safety and environmental protection, completely eradicate all kinds of accidents, and build an intrinsically safe and environment-friendly enterprise. III. Adhere to innovation-driven, focus on intellectualized strategy, and vigorously promote the company’s informatization and intelligent construction. IV. Keep promoting internal reforms, optimize governance structure, and build a team of high-quality management cadres and professionals. V. Deepen the implementation of the general requirements for Party building in new era, and improve the quality of company Party building in full-scale.

Sun Jinbiao made a work report entitled Strengthen Strategic Guidance, Promote High-quality Development, and Keep New Strides in the Course of Building a World-class Economy, in which he comprehensively reviewed the company’s work in 2019, analyzed the deficiencies and problems in production and operation, and proposed business objectives and specific measures for 2020.

Sun Jinbiao pointed out that in 2019, the company achieved “three reinforcements”, “three outstanding” and “three improvements.” More precisely, the company has solidly promoted Party building and comprehensively reinforced Party leadership; made steady progress in standardized management and comprehensively reinforced institutional improvement; strengthen the awareness of responsibility and comprehensively reinforced the work style construction; implemented refined management in-depth and the effectiveness of equipment governance was outstanding; scientifically optimized the development layout and the preliminary work results were outstanding; strengthened project node management and control and the engineering achievements were outstanding; adhered to both quality and efficiency, and the business performance was improved steadily; highlighted the concept of innovation management and continuously improved management capabilities and efficiency; strengthened scientific and technological innovation systems and mechanisms and the scientific and technological innovation capabilities have been continuously improved. 2020 is the final year of the “13th Five-Year Plan”, and the key year for the company responding to market challenges and cracking development difficulties, also the crucial year to lay the development foundation of the “14th Five-Year Plan” and “re-upgrade” Longyuan Power. To do a good job throughout the year, the company must adhere to the Party’s leadership and provide strong political guarantees for constructing a world-class new energy company with global competitiveness; fully fulfill the Group’s safety production deployment, and effectively promote the construction of intrinsically safe enterprises; actively expand effective investment and enhance high-quality and sustainable development potential; accelerate the construction of engineering projects to ensure completing the target task of maintaining electricity price; improve operation and management level, and ascend asset management to a new level; innovate systems and mechanisms and speed up the construction of world-class new energy companies; adhere to the guidance of cultural development and strive to build a harmonious and well-being Longyuan.

The conference discussed the General Manager’s Work Report and the special reports of relevant departments in groups, and submitted to the plenary meeting of the presidium for deliberation. It passed three resolutions including the General Manager’s Work Report, Report on the Company’s 2019 Annual Comprehensive Plan Implementation and 2020 Annual Comprehensive Plan Arrangement, and Report on the Company’s 2019 Annual Financial Budget Implementation and 2020 Annual Financial Budget Arrangement. Nine units from Xinjiang Company, Gansu Company, Heilongjiang Company, Inner Mongolia Company, Jiangsu Company, Jiangsu Offshore Company, Yunnan Company, Anhui Company, and Joncon Company made exchange of views. The conference commended the 2019 annual advanced units, 2019 annual award fund winners, 2019 annual advanced teams and 2019 annual outstanding employees. Subsequently, Longyuan Power and its affiliates signed 2020 Annual Party Construction and Operation Performance Commitment Letter.

The company’s Chief Engineer, General Manager Assistant, heads of various departments, the Party and administrative principals of each affiliated unit and all the representatives of the company’s the Fourth Session of the Third Workers’ Congress attended the conference.


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