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Longyuan Power Strictly Prevents and Controls the COVID-19 Outbreak


Recently, Longyuan Power has earnestly executed the spirit of General Secretary Xi Jinping’s important speech at the meeting of Standing Committee of the Political Bureau of the CPC, fully implemented the deployment requirements of the Group’s leading Party group on preventing and controlling the COVID-19 Outbreak, and has taken effective, well-organized, scientific and mature measures to comprehensively protect the production safety and employees’ health.

Enhance the stance and guarantee the implementation. The company convened a special session, established a leading team for outbreak response and set up an office with the company’s main persons in charge as the team leaders. It formulated contingency plans, printed and issued the Checklist of COVID-19 Outbreak Prevention and Control Measures, and clarified the assignment of responsibilities. Print and issue the Notice on Resolutely Implementing the Decision and Deployment of the Party Central Committee on Urging the Enterprise to Do Well in Outbreak Prevention and Control, requiring the whole company to enhance “four consciousnesses”, uphold “four matters of confidence” and achieve “Two Maintenances”. The company is required to make outbreak prevention and control work as the most important work at present, conscientiously perform the responsibility of prevention and control, improve departmental coordination mechanism and upper-lower linkage mechanism, coordinate the arrangements of outbreak prevention and control to ensure the implementation of responsibilities at all levels.

Focus efforts and prevent and control scientifically. The company adheres to the “Zero Report” information reporting system and strictly implements on duty round the clock. All grassroots units should take effective measures to comprehensively grasp and monitor the conditions of personnel in and out of areas where outbreak occurs in the past two weeks, and continuously improve the scientificity and effectiveness of prevention and control. Do a good job of prevention and control measures for disinfection and ventilation in various areas of office buildings and production sites. Provide protective items and facilities such as masks, thermometers and disinfection appliances. Implement the prevention and control management of different types of employees by division, classification and grade. Make a backup plan and prevent mass infections.

Strengthen publicity and control public sentiments. The company actively carries out publicity and education, and makes full use of the company’s WeChat Official Account at all levels of the system and the “xuexiqiangguo” COVID-19 prevention and control column and other mainstream propaganda platforms to extensively disseminate knowledge on outbreak prevention and control. Vigorously publicize and implement the mask use-related knowledge and guide employees to treat the outbreak scientifically. Follow the progress of outbreak prevention and control and strengthen communication with local governments. Pay close attention to outbreak-related information and inform the staff in time. At the same time, keep abreast of the staff’s ideological trends, timely solve their doubts, stabilize their emotions and build their confidence. Guide cadres and staff to not believe or spread rumors, and resolutely win the tough battle against the outbreak.

Deploy precisely and ensure power supply with all efforts. Since the outbreak, the company has insisted on grasping the prevention and control of the outbreak, and ensuring the electricity supply. It has precisely organized production and operation, optimized the shift mode of production operation on the premise of ensuring the health of employees, and did a comprehensively good job in power supply and production safety during outbreak prevention and control. Each grassroots unit has attached great importance to the outbreak control work in the production line, closely cooperated with local government and community’s requirements for outbreak control, and paid high attention to wind farm logistics support. At the same time, strengthen organizational leadership, refine and improve shift and on duty arrangements in conjunction with production plans, and ensure that the backup production operation team and personnel meet the need to respond to emergencies. Strengthen electric power production safety, increase the frequency of equipment inspections and online monitoring, diagnosis and analysis. Timely eliminate equipment defects and hidden dangers, and ensure stable and reliable equipment operation.


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