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Longyuan Power Group Corporation LTD. Signed the Sales and Purchase Agreement of Ukraine Yuzhne Energy Wind Power Project with Closed Joint-stock Company "4WIND"


On August 8, the president and deputy secretary of the party committee of Longyuan Power Group Corporation LTD., Yanbing Jia, met with Egidijus Simutis, the general manager of Lithuania Closed Joint-stock Company "4WIND" (hereinafter referred to as "4WIND") . Two parties had an in-depth exchange of views on cooperation in renewable energy projects. Qun Huang, secretary of the party committee and deputy general manager of Longyuan Power, signed the Sales and Purchase Agreement of Ukraine Yuzhne Energy Wind Power Project (hereinafter referred to as "Yuzhne Project") with 4WIND on behalf of Longyuan Power. The party committee member and deputy general manager of Longyuan Power, Nansong Jia, attended the meeting and the signing ceremony.

Yanbing Jia welcomed the visit of Egidijus Simutis and his delegation. He pointed out that after a long time of hard and fruitful efforts, Longyuan Power and 4WIND finally reached an agreement on the cooperation of Ukraine Yuzhne Project and signed the Sales and Purchase Agreement. He appreciated 4WIND’s efforts and sincerity, and congratulated both parties on the achievements of cooperation.

Yanbing Jia pointed out that Europe is one of the earliest regions in the world to develop renewable energy, and is also one of the most active markets in the world for renewable energy. In the next step, Longyuan Power will accelerate the development pace in Europe.He stressed that the Ukraine Yuzhne Project is the first Europe project invested by Longyuan Power, which is a significant milestone for Longyuan Power. 4WIND has an experienced wind power development team. It is expected that through this cooperation, the both parties can further strengthen communication, give full play to their respective advantages and seek for more extensive and in-depth cooperation in the future.

Egidijus Simutis,the general manager of 4WIND, appreciated Longyuan Power for its considerate reception and appreciated Longyuan's professionalism in wind power development and employees' dedication. He said that the Ukraine Yuzhne project is the starting point of the cooperation between the both parties, and he sincerely hopes to seek more cooperation opportunities with longyuan power in Europe in the future.

Ukraine Yuzhne Project’s capacity is 76.5MW, and it will start construction in the second half of the year.This project is the third wind power project invested and developed overseas by the Longyuan after Canada Dufferin wind power project and South Africa De Aar wind power project. Longyuan Power will continue to implement the renewable energy security strategy of "four revolutions and one cooperation" and take a new step to implement the "One Belt And One Road" initiative.

Relevant personnel of the Longyuan Power's planning development department, financial management department, overseas company and central and eastern European planning office attended the above activities.(Yuping Duan, He Qian)


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