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Longyuan Power Remains to Be One of the


On December 12, the 2018 International Energy Summit Forum and the Eighth Global Top 500 Summit of New Energy Enterprises were held in People's Daily. At the meeting, Longyuan Power was listed as "Top 500 Global New Energy Enterprises 2018" for six consecutive years.

Over the years, Longyuan Power has fully implemented the national new energy strategy, focused on strengthening and optimizing the wind power industry, adhering to the technical guidance, excelling the development layout, continuously consolidated and expanded its leading development advantages.

Adhering to principle of "quality and effective development" Grasping the high quality resources reserve, to carry out the wind power work in 31 provinces and regions of the country, Longyuan Power has realized the whole coverage of all countries (except Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan); Up till September 2018, various types of power holding installed capacity of the company had reached 20,520 megawatts, 18,395 of which was that of the wind power holding installed capacity.

Longyuan Power Opens up new areas of low wind speed and high altitude wind power. China Longyuan Power has completed China's first demonstrative field of large low-wind­speed project in Laian, Anhui Province with an installed capacity of 247.5 thousand KW. This would drive an upgrade of large blade technology and boost the full use of a large number of low-speed wind resources in inland areas, thus opening up an even wider space for further development. Longyuan Power has constructed wind farms at high altitude in Yunnan, Guizhou, and Tibet after overcoming disadvantages of high altitudes, low temperature, and oxygen deficit. The average altitude wind farms exceed 3000 meters while the one in Nagqu, Tibet, stands at 4700 meters high

Longyuan Power Leads the Development Offshore Wind Power Industry. Longyuan Power took the lead in the contiguous development of offshore wind power project in Rudong sea area of Jiangsu Province with an installed capacity of 482,000 kilowatts, which is currently the largest offshore wind farm in Asia. At the same time, the company and Shanghai Zhenhua Port Machinery have jointly developed three offshore wind power professional construction ships, as well as more than 20 auxiliary ships such as cable laying ships and anchor lifting boats. Longyuan Power has fully mastered the core technologies such as offshore non-transition single pile, large diameter rock-socketed single pile and multi-pile foundation construction with corner frames, and has won 26 national patents, with an annual offshore construction hoisting capacity of more than 600,000 kilowatts.

Longyuan Power Actively Implements "Going-out" In November 2014, the company invested in Devlin's 99,100 kW wind power project in Ontario, Canada. This is the first wind power project independently developed, constructed and operated by China's power enterprises overseas to realize operation and profit. Longyuan Power actively responded to the national "Belt and Road" initiative. The 244,500 KW wind power project invested and constructed in South Africa was put into operation in November 2017. This is the largest wind power project that has been built by central enterprises overseas in recent years.

Longyuan Power was awarded "2018 Top 500 Global New Energy Enterprises" under the consideration of the Review Committee. It is reported that the "Global Top 500 New Energy Enterprises" activity is a large-scale public welfare activity jointly launched by the China Energy News under People's Daily and the China Energy Economic Research Institute to conduct authoritative assessment and examination on the new energy industry. It has been successfully held for eight sessions. The event is also an important platform to profoundly understand the global new energy market and the development of new energy industries, and reveal the competitiveness and brand influence of new energy companies. As the basis of this event, the Global Top 500 New Energy Enterprises Research has been listed as a soft science topic of the National Energy Administration since 2011.


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